Rest of the animal kingdom, yawning is observed among predator and prey species alike. Among predators, its purpose might be to encourage the group to take a restorative nap so that all of its members can be well rested for an attack on their prey later on. order viagra Among prey, by encouraging all members of the group to fall asleep at the same time, yawning might reduce the risk that any one individual might be sleeping alone and hence highly vulnerable to attack by a predator. viagra online   there is no nerve centre strictly associated with the yawn reflex, but certain brain structures, such as the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and the brainstem are essential for its expression. generic viagra online Some scientists have even hypothesized that the strong contractions of the jaw muscles during yawning may stimulate the reticular formation and thereby encourage wakefulness. generic viagra Lastly, one interesting linguistic note: the french verb bâiller (to yawn) has a circumflex accent on the “a” and not on the “i” because in old french, when people pronounced this word, they stretched out the “a” to imitate the sound of someone yawning. viagra viagra buy           in young adults, rem sleep accounts for 20 to 25% of total sleep time, but in newborn infants, it accounts for 50%. can you buy viagra india Newborns sleep about 16 hours per day and hence spend about 8 hours per day in rem sleep! buy viagra online overnight The proportion of rem sleep is apparently even higher before birth, because babies who are born prematurely spend up to 80% of their sleep time in rem sleep. generic viagra canada We have no way of knowing, however, whether this rem sleep is accompanied by dreams. viagra free trial offer voucher In reality, the percentage of rem sleep stabilizes at around 20 to 25% at about age 10. viagra viagra viagra vs vs After age 60, this percentage declines significantly, until at age 70, people get only about 45 minutes of rem sleep per night. Viagra dosage 5 mg The sleep cycles in a night how much time people sleep at night varies greatly with their age. order generic viagra phone Broadly speaking, from birth to death, the amount of sleep we get each night decreases steadily. can you buy viagra india Newborns sleep an average of 16 hours per day, but even at this age, some babies sleep a lot more (20 hours) while others sleep a lot less (12). can you buy viagra india Newborns’ sleep is not affected by the alternation of day and night. viagra viagra sale Instead, it is broken up into periods of 3 or 4 hours, and the main thing that wakes newborns up is the need to nurse. viagra without a doctor prescription Infants spend about half of their sleeping lives in rem sleep–double the proportion for adults. Buy viagra online australia paypal This large amount of rem sleep in infants is believed to assist the development of their central nervous systems. cheap viagra Scientists know that neural activity helps developing synapses to find their targets. viagra daily 5 mg This neural activity is very intense during rem sleep , so the frequent episodes of rem sleep in babies may facilitate the activation of neural pathways and the establishment of the appropriate synaptic connec. Viagra vs. viagra side effects buy cheap viagra online
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